Fanny Hattery - a career off the beaten path

The story

Late 2007, I am on the edge of my seat, listening to the parting words of my  Political Theory professor*: “Take your time. Live your lives off the beaten path.” It’s the last semester, the last class of our student’s career. Off the beaten path. These guiding words, I carry to this day.

I’m 37. Originally from Brittany, adopted by the mountains of Savoie, with a Franco-American heart and three children. I’ve been, in turn, a consultant for post-conflict projects in central Africa, a customer director for tech startups, an HR consultant, a mentor for developers in Gaza and a lecturer for Sciences Po student.

* Thank you Mr Hastings! 😉

The (real) story

Washington, DC, 2008, the World Bank. Cubicles as far as the eye can see and a group of overeducated, enthusiastic, ambitious women… left utterly confused by office politics they can’t seem to get a grasp on. Off the beaten path “Fancy Ladies’ Lunches” support and nurture the wide range of our ambitions.

A fierce WhatsApp sorority of professionals stretching from Myanmar to Colombia, from Kenya to the United States, celebrating successes, processing losses and setbacks, strategizing career moves.

2016 – Gaza, Kigali, Chambéry. As it turns out, female developers, community organizers and coworkers also need their own Fancy Ladies Lunches and WhatsApp sororities. A few initial workshops and individual sessions spark the idea of nurturing female ambitions. 


Fall 2017 – worldwide. A breath of freedom rushes through, infusing our collective consciousness and private conversations, inspiring citizen movements and a new dialog on what it means to be male and female in the 21st century. A new light is cast on systemic sexism, carrying with it the hope that we shall all become freer. Free to carve a career etched by our own personal development, family, geography, love, with professionalism and integrity. Free to grow female ambitions on or off the beaten path.


June 2020 – Toutes Ambitieuses* is born. With an expertise in consulting and a background as a mentor and teacher, I’m now hoping to contribute to gender equality in the workplace. I am not a coach and you won’t find training certifications or personal development tools here. I take the same consulting approach, applied with heart and professionalism, to clients who seek to further their careers or support those of female professionals around them. My ambition: to create a community of professionals and providers committed to offering an ever-expanding range of tools to ambitious women everywhere.

* Ambitious together


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