Stronger and more ambitious together!

This community of allies for gender equality allows us to redefine and carry our ambitions with pride. Below is a short list of useful, frequently updated ressources:

Sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace



  • Sensitization and prevention on workplace sexism – Handsaway


Ambition and Female Leadership







On Allyship, Melinda Epler – 3 ways to be a better ally in the workplace

Training on salary negotiation for women – #NégoTraining 

E-learning solution for companies on salary equality – Ma Juste Valeur

Tools to avoid gender bias in performance reviews  – How to Design Performance Review that don’t Fail Women

TEDx talk on shattering the glass ceiling and gender at work  Pulvériser le Plafond de Verre : la mixité en entreprise | Emmanuelle Gagliardi | TEDxCentraleNantes


Support mechanism for women social entrepreneurs – Empow’Her France

Podcast on female entrepreneurs – Entrepreneur.e

Sectoral initiatives

Association of women engineers – Accueil – Association des Femmes Ingénieurs

Association Elles bougent, promoting engineering and STEM careers among women – Notre histoire, nos actions 

Facebook community of international development female professionals – Internationalistas

Women in Tech Networks:


Les Glorieuses, a feminist newsletter: Les Glorieuses | La newsletter qui réinvente l’information sur les femmes

Guided tours of Paris, Lyon & Bordeaux on gender equality and prominent women in History! –  Feminists in the City 

The Georgette Sand Initiative for female visibility Georgette Sand


For Children

Matilda project: videos and ressources on gender equality for children 3 – 18 – Matilda

Statistics and Legal Framework

Research and studies

Program on Negotiation Harvard Law School – Are Salary Negotiation Skills Different for Men and Women?

Why Women Don’t Negotiate Their Job Offers?, Hannah Riley Bowles – Why Women Don’t Negotiate Their Job Offers?

Six Men. Six Women. Similar Jobs. Who Makes More? An Experiment, Liz Brody – The Big Salary Reveal 

Women on self promotion – Why Don’t Women Self Promote as Much as Men

Intentional Invisibility at Work – Intentional Invisibility: Professional Women and the Navigation of Workplace Constraints


French language:

Inspiring women Generation XX

Interviews with women activists – La Poudre

On masculinities – Les couilles sur la table

English language:

Harvard Business Review’s Podcast on Women in the workplace – Women at Work

A conversation about Women, the Workplace, and Success – The Broad Experience

“I’m a feminist…but” – The Guilty Feminist